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January 27, 2022


Steve Kowolonek – President

Mike Hoffman – Vice President

David Loerich – Treasurer

DL Wallace – Secretary


Holly McLaughlin – Area A

Aaron Wright – Area A

Illyana Long – Area A

Lovell Knight – Area B

Victoria King – Area B

Jason King – Area B

The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek, via Zoom Platform (due to COVID-19.)

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Loerich.  All board members present.  (President Kowolonek available via phone.)

A motion was made by Delegate McLaughlin to omit the reading of the minutes from December 16, 2021 and for all to review copy of minutes received via email draft for approval.  Second by Delegate Jason King.  No discussion.  Motion passed.  Approved.   A copy of Minutes will be posted on the Local 600 website.

The financial Report was given by Treasurer Loerich.  A motion was made by Delegate Victoria King to except the reading of the financial report by Treasurer Loerich.  Second by Delegate Long.  No discussion.  Motion passed.  Approved.  Copy of the Financial Report is on file at Local 600 office.

Communications –Secretary Wallace – Thank you note was received from Reset Ministries (Women’s Sober House, Newport Kentucky), for the donation received of $500 to purchase food for the Women’s Sober House from UWUA Local 600 and the Christmas Baskets received for both the Women’s Sober House and the Men’s Sober House both in Newport Kentucky–(given by UWUA Local 600 Women’s Caucus.)

Unfinished Business – Vice- President Hoffman

  • Grievance # 446 – Time Keeping (MY Time)-   Vote for Arbitration – Unanimous vote by UWUA Local 600 to proceed to arbitration.
  • OHSA ETS/ Federal Contractor Status – Issue has processed through the United States Supreme Court for ruling, the courts did not uphold the mandate requirement from the current United States Federal Administration.  The process will now refer to the Duke-Energy guidelines as listed on the company website, per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines. Discussion: 

Delegate Wright – CDC guidelines regarding mask – N95 (for new variants.)

Delegate Loerich – If company requires new mask, will they supply to all employees (opposed to the standard cloth masks.)

  • Women’s Caucus Event – Updated on some of the training opportunities offered through the National Women’s Caucus to our members.  Secretary Wallace will share information with President Kowolonek for posting to the UWUA Local 600 website.
  • Christmas Families – Special Thanks to Chrissy Knobloch & Carmelita Perez for taking care of the families for 2021 it is very much appreciated.  All went well.
  • Meeting with Management Service Delivery – meeting was postponed.  Discussion:

Secretary Wallace – How will access with new SAP system be determined for employees

Vice-President Hoffman – access being taken away, slow processing times, delays with addressing and correcting customer issues.

Delegate Jason King – Regarding positions will there be any loss due to technology & things being automated.

Delegate Jason King – Access for those who are responsible to back-up other employees (when off), who may have different access levels, will those assigned to roles as back-up have same access to do work.

  • Grievance # 447 – Delegate Wright – waiting for answer to 3rd stage.  Meeting was cancelled to be rescheduled.  Information Request sent.  Answers on hold
  • Grievance # 448 – Delegate Wright – grievance dropped (Mask Mandate.)
  • Yearly Audit – Vice-President Hoffman – all went well – audit passed.  1099 forms have been sent to all board members.  Treasurer Loerich had nothing to add.
  • Vistra Contract – UWUA Local 600 – Elections Chair will go to each area on 10 February 2022 to processing voting on a one (1) year contract extension.
  • By-Law Changes – Vice President Hoffman – copies have been sent out to board members to review.  There is a lot of information that goes into the process of changes to the By-Laws, (work, discussions, then if passes are sent onto the National UWUA Board for review and approval.  Then there is a membership process, information mailed to membership, meeting scheduled.  This General Board will vote today on all the changes that the committee processed.  Questions & Discussion: Review of all changes proposed:  voting via text message to Secretary Wallace – YES to ACCEPT Proposed Change; NO Not to ACCEPT Proposed Change and Keep Current Language

Order #                                                                                    ACCEPT                NOT ACCEPT

A2S1                                                                                                X

A3S2                                                                                                X

A4S5                                                                                                X

A5S5                                                                                                X

A5S6                                                                                                                                          X

A5S9                                                                                                X

A6S6                                                                                            X

A7                                                                                                     X

A7S4                                                                                                X

Order #                                                                                    ACCEPT                 NOT ACCEPT

A7S5                                                                                                 X

A7S6                                                                                                 X

A9S1                                                                                          X

A10S1                                                                                               X

Vice-President Hoffman will discuss the voting results with President Kowolonek.

  • Treasure Loerich – Will be looking to make purchase of a new computer this week for treasurer use.
  • Delegate Jason King – has received 1099 form and grateful for the opportunity to learn these processes.
  • Delegate McLaughlin – Shared information regarding Coalition for Labor Union meeting held 13 January 2022 via zoom.  Discussed needing volunteers to lead with Local events.  UWUA Local 600 Women’s Caucus will be looking to participate in more events in 2022 and will provide that information to the Board and Membership.
  • Delegate Knight – Thankful in being part of this Board and all the new information shared … Let’s remember “WHO-DEY”.
  • Delegate Wright – MY Time and Meal Allowances will discuss next week (issues encountered during storm duty etc.)
  • President Kowolonek – attending AFL-CIO training. Participated via phone.

Delegate Long made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Delegate McLaughlin.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned.