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February 24, 2022


Steve Kowolonek – President

Mike Hoffman – Vice President

David Loerich – Treasurer

DL Wallace – Secretary


Holly McLaughlin – Area A

Aaron Wright – Area A

Illyana Long – Area A

Lovell Knight – Area B

Victoria King – Area B

Jason King – Area B

The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek, via Zoom Platform (due to COVID-19.)

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Loerich.  Absent Delegate(s) Wright.  All other board members present. 

A motion was made by Delegate Victoria King to omit the reading of the minutes from January 27, 2022 and for all to review copy of minutes received via email draft for approval.  Second by Delegate McLaughlin.  No discussion.  Motion passed.  Approved.   A copy of Minutes will be posted on the Local 600 website.

The financial Report was given by Treasurer Loerich.  A motion was made by Delegate Jason King to accept the reading of the financial report by Treasurer Loerich.  Second by Vice-President Hoffman.  No discussion.  Motion passed.  Approved.  Copy of the Financial Report is on file at Local 600 office.

Communications – President Kowolonek – Thank you note was received from Reset Ministries,  similar to what was shared by Secretary Wallace during the January 27, 2022 board meeting.  For the donation(s) received from UWUA Local 600 and the UWUA Local 600 Women’s Caucus.

Unfinished Business – President Kowolonek

  • Arbitration # 446 – Time Keeping (MY Time)-   waiting on panel, letter has been sent to management.
  • Meeting with Management (Customer Connect) – President Kowolonek, Vice-President Hoffman and Secretary Wallace meet with Tiffany Dennison on 18 February 2022.  Discussion – Delegate Jason King- affects of CMS shutdown on 31 March 2022, workfile system-clean up in process, information that will carry over into new SAP system.  How to figure out what will carry over, what goes and what needs to be created.  Need a listing of all in membership who will be affected by SAP changes.  What work or personnel being moved?  President Kowolonek will process Information Request to management.
  • Meeting with Management (Out of Town Storm Issues)- President Kowolonek and Delegate Wright met with Marc Arnold on 18 February 2022 to discuss issues with pay (16 hours versus 12 hours during storm duty.)  A process needs to be developed
  • Grievance # 447 – Return to Work – President Kowolonek – Informational Request Issues – Answer received – (regarding sick hours utilized per month for total of 18 months.)  Family Sick and Dependent Care – Local 600 – attorneys will process response to management.
  • By-Laws Committee – Vice-President Hoffman – Voting processed with Local 600 General Board; information has been sent to National UWUA.  By-Laws Committee will need to meet to discuss process for membership.
  • UEIP – Vice-President Hoffman – Local 600 was approached by Company regarding additional bonus amount of $1,500 per member, President Kowolonek accepted for the membership.
  • Customer Experience Representative – President Kowolonek – Job evaluation – to add “Or Equivalent “could result in change in pay rate.
  • New Members – Delegate McLaughlin – Two (2) new GMS (Gas Marketing Specialist.)

President Kowolonek meet new RSR in Abagail Johnson’s group.  President Kowolonek would like area Delegates to meet with new members in their assigned areas.

  • Grievance #449 – Delegate Long – Contract violations – 1st Step has been processed – (regarding CBA – language from Article 9, Section 9D – (reference to vacation member utilizing 3rd week of vacation or receiving payout in lieu of utilizing 3rd week of vacation.) Email to management (Tom Gouch.) Contract language issue.
  • Picnic Committee – Vice-President Hoffman – would like to start process now regarding possible membership gatherings for 2022, (picnic & dinner.)
  • UWUA National Magazine – President Kowolonek – there will be an article featured regarding UWUA Local 600 Women’s Caucus Committee and work they have been doing in local community.   Delegate Jason Long will also be featured representing UWUA Local 600 in the “Speak-Out” section on Unions and Organizing.
  • Membership Meeting – President Kowolonek – Local 600 membership meeting will be held “in-person” at the Holiday Inn in Covington Kentucky, on Thursday, 24 March 2022 at 6pm.  The room will hold up to 50 people.  The UWUA Local 600 Board meeting will be held at the same location and date starting at 4pm.


  • Delegate McLaughlin – UWUA Local 600 Women’s Caucus will be looking for other volunteer opportunities and is asking for anyone within Local 600 who may have ideas to share.  A “robo -call” will be shared to membership for any upcoming events.
  • Delegate Victoria King – Discussed the possibility of UWUA Local 600 establishing an “Emergency Fund” to assist Local 600 members who may face emergencies and need financial assistance.  Discussion within general board – direct person to the Duke-Energy portal page for EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) to assist with needed emergencies.  May be a challenge to have a fund of this type managed by the local.  Who would be responsible for management funds, and how would distribution of funds be decided etc.?

Treasurer Loerich made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Delegate Knight.  Motion passed.  Meeting