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August 2019

August 22, 2019

EXECUTIVES Steve Kowolonek – President
Mike Hoffman – Vice President
Jueisha Boykin – Treasurer
DL Wallace – Secretary

DELEGATES Illyana Long – Area A
Holly McLaughlin – Area A
Aaron Wright – Area A
David Loerich – Area B
Victoria King – Area B
Camille Waller – Area B

The Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Hoffman.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600 and member from Local 369, Region III in Spencer, Maryland.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Boykin. President Kowolonek and Delegate McLaughlin absent. All other board members present.

Previous month’s minutes were read by Secretary Wallace. A motion was made by Treasurer Boykin to accept the reading of last’s month minutes. Second by Delegate King. Motion passed.

The Financial Report was given by Treasurer Boykin. A motion was made by Delegate Long to accept the financial report. Second by Delegate Loerich. Motion passed. Copy of the Financial Report is on file at Local 600 office.

Communications – Vice-President Hoffman
• Discussed picnic and review of responses from membership (over-all very positive.) We have not received a bill from the venue (Coney Island.) Once received will discuss with Board and process payment.
• Union cards – as we get a group of new members we will re-order cards. Please notify the union hall if new members are in your work-areas, or if those in membership do not have cards.

Unfinished Business – Vice-President Hoffman
• Arbitration #424 – Completed – UWUA Local 600 was successful. (Member will be made whole.)
• Grievance # 431 – Waiting on 3rd Stage answer.
• Elections Committee – Nomination forms for UWUA Local 600- 2019 Elections were processed for collection by Election Committee Chair Tim Nolan and witnessed by Susan Meyer. The ballots will be prepared by Chair and prepared to be mailed to UWUA Local 600 membership.
• Contracts 2019 – draft of contracts from Vistra and Duke Energy have been reviewed by President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman. Verification of financial information and will forward any questions needing clarification to both Vestra and Duke-Energy. A meeting has been scheduled with Vestra for 3 September 2019 to discuss some items of contract.
• New hires in System Integrity area (two (2))
• Meeting scheduled to discuss Gas Marketing Specialist (GMS) and possible changes to job description on 27 August 2019 with Management and President Kowolonek, Vice-President Hoffman and Delegate McLaughlin.
• Flyer for AFL-CIO Picnic – post on all Union Boards.
• UWUA Local 600, Annual Rep & Delegate Dinner – November 2019 at the Chart House, Delegate McLaughlin currently planning.
• Discussion GPS and Cyber Security. (more information will be forthcoming to membership.)
• Delegate Loerich – issue previously disused regarding lunch and OT has been resolved regarding those members in meter-reading. (Members will be made whole.)
• Delegate Long – 1st Stage Grievance being processed.
• Delegate Wright – Follow up regarding storm team with UWUA Local 600 & management, awaiting information from President Kowolonek and discussion.
• Delegate King – meeting pending regarding RSR’s concerns. Follow-up and information regarding recent “coaching & counseling “processes in place.

Delegate Waller made a motion to adjourn. Second by Delegate King. Meeting adjourned.