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December 2021

December 16, 2021


Steve Kowolonek – President

Mike Hoffman – Vice President

David Loerich – Treasurer

DL Wallace – Secretary


Holly McLaughlin – Area A

Aaron Wright – Area A

Illyana Long – Area A

Lovell Knight – Area B

Victoria King – Area B

Jason King – Area B

The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek, via Zoom Platform (due to COVID-19.)

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Loerich.  All board members present.

A motion was made by Vice-President Hoffman to omit the reading of the minutes from November 18, 2021 and for all to review copy of minutes received via email draft for approval.  Second by Treasurer Loerich.  No discussion.  Motion passed.  Approved.   A copy of Minutes will be posted on the Local 600 website.

The financial Report was given by Treasurer Loerich.  A motion was made by Delegate Jason King to except the reading of the financial report by Treasurer Loerich.  Second by Delegate Knight.  No discussion.  Motion passed.  Approved.  Copy of the Financial Report is on file at Local 600 office.

Communications – President Kowolonek – None

Unfinished Business – President Kowolonek

  • Control Technician new job description – no current updates.  Terri Barnes (LR), still working out details from management.
  • Transmission Design Technician job posted – replaced position filled by an OC.  There was no bid in our area.  A former contractor was qualified to fill the position.
  • Grievance # 446 – Time Keeping (MY Time)-   3rd stage grievance meeting held with management 30 November 2021.  Awaiting answer. (Will update and discuss during Jan 2022 meeting if arbitration may need to be considered.)
  • OHSA ETS/ Federal Contractor Status – Information was received from Labor Relations regarding request for information regarding the Federal Contractor Status at Duke Energy.  Received email from management that states the company never declared Federal Contractor Status.  This was dropped declared not a Federal Contractor utility companies were not held to that standard.  Currently in a holding pattern regarding requirements, as we see how the US Federal rule.
  • Women’s Caucus Event – Items will be dropped off at the Reset Ministries Sober House on 12-20-2021, at 11:00am and all are welcome to attend.
  • Christmas Families – Chrissy Knobloch purchased for a family in Grant County (spending was a little over.)  and items were also purchased for a family in the Edgewood school district.
  • Call Center – Delegate Victoria King – regarding training on new positions.  Spoke with LR to start that process as a lot of our membership need to find ways for advancement.
  • Meter Reading – A meeting has been requested with management regarding extra reads, amount of work and future jobs within the meter reading department.  Needing to find ways to fill positions.  Treasurer Loerich along with member Perry Hall will discuss with Bob Reis during Meter Reading and Service Delivery meeting.
  • 2022 Per Capita Increase – To be posted to bulletin boards in work areas.
  • Other Positions – President Kowolonek discussed Gas Operations and Support Specialist – Positions may come back.  Positions posted none were qualified.  Review if changes need to be made within the job description.
  • Treasure Loerich – Request everyone review and update any change of address and ensure the address on file is correct for mailing information to board members.  Discussed the need for a new computer for the treasurer as the current system is over ten (10) years old and has begun to have problems.  A motion was made by Secretary Wallace that a new computer be purchased for the use of the Treasurer.  Second by Delegate Jason King.  Discussion- President Kowolonek will discuss with Don Stewart regarding the type and model of computer and software that is needed to process the financial data.  Motion passed.  Approved.
  • Delegate Jason King – Thanks to all the work done in 2021 by this Board and members.
  • Delegate McLaughlin – Appreciate everyone on the Board and the members and the work done for the Women’s Caucus in 2021.
  • Delegate Victoria King – Thanks to all the Board members and the Women’s Caucus for all Good Teamwork done under pressure during this pandemic in 2021.
  • Delegate Knight – Thanks for all the new information and great jobs by the board.
  • Delegate Wright – Contractor phone calls – target need more money … management perspective Discussion – President Kowolonek – Any position can be re-done; we can always take them through the Job Evaluation Committee.  Discussion – How can we better position the membership to have advance knowledge about these positions.  Delegate Jason King – Seasoned OC’s may open the doors to limited number of positions, (i.e. Gas.)
  • Vice-President Hoffman – By Laws Committee – previous and current updates are completed and will be printed and ready to present at the January 2022 Board meeting.  The Committee will then send out to the membership, and from there present to the UWUA National Board for review.
  • President Kowolonek – 50 % Occupancy Rate – Still awaiting management policy, currently nothing is in writing.
  • Return to Work – UWUA Local 600 is reviewing information to ensure all of membership will be returned to a safe working environment.  In discussions around the issues of sharing desks and looking at the companies Health & Safety Manual regarding contaminated work areas.
  • UWUA Local 600 Audit – Audits conducted by Audit Committee -Trustee Perry Hill, Susan Meyer found all was processed well, and the Audit processed by accountant Don Stewart also found all in order.  We will need a replacement on the local audit committee.

Delegate Long made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Delegate McLaughlin.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned.