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May 23, 2019

  Name Position
Executives Steve Kowolonek President
Mike Hoffman Vice President
Jueisha Boykin Treasurer
DL Wallace Secretary
Name Position
Delegates Illyana Long Area A
Holly McLaughlin Area A
Aaron Wright Area A
David Loerich Area B
Victoria King Area B
Camille Waller Area B

The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Boykin. All board members present.

Previous month’s minutes were ready by Secretary Wallace. A motion was made by Delegate King to accept the reading of last’s month’s minutes. Second by Treasurer Boykin. Motion passed.

The Financial Report was given by Treasurer Boykin. A motion was made by Delegate Loerich to accept the financial report. Second by Secretary Wallace. Motion passed. Copy of Financial Report on file at Local 600 Office.

Communications – President Kowolonek
  • No items.
Unfinished Business – President Kowolonek
  • UEIP – President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman meet with Duke-Energy Labor Relations on 04-29-19 to discuss UEIP and customer safication percentage numbers. Awaiting feedback response from Labor Relations.
  • Donation to Dragonfly Event – UWUA Local 600 received 15 tickets and Cincinnati Red’s Votto Jersey. Tickets will distributed in a raffle (2-person per ticket), and Votto Jersey. A flyer will be posted on union boards in work areas to contact the local on or before June, 27, 2019 for any member who would like to participate in the raffle. A robo call will be sent out to all union members once the flyer is placed on the union boards… If 16 union members reply, 16th person will receive the Votto Jersey.
  • Arbitration #424 – Briefs have been sent to the lawyers from the court reporter. Arbitration bill processed. Answer should be received by July 2019.
  • Contract Vote – UWUA Local 600 contract ratified 193 to 15
  • Union Cards – President Kowolonek has ordered union cards for all Local 600 membership. UWUA National has been contacted for the cards and Labor Relations has been contacted for names of membership. Signatures have been obtained from Local 600 President and Secretary for the cards. Total requested 370 cards for Duke-Energy membership and 10 for Vistra membership.
  • Picnic Updated – Vice President Hoffman – Local 600 Annual Picnic will be held on August 10, 2019 at Coney Island. Deposit has been made to Coney Island. A flyer is being made by Treasurer Boykin to send to all membership. The event will be hosted at the Wild Cat Pavilion, from 11am – 6pm, enter through gate 1. Must have wristband @ front entrance. Each member will be provided 2 adult and 2 child (ages 2-7) passes. If additional children tickets needed, they can be upgraded at a cost of $11.00 per child over age 7… Lunch will be provided (burger, metts, brats…etc.) no outside snacks may be brought into park, free sodas all day (at specific locations through-out park), lunch will be served from 1-2pm at the pavilion, unlimited rides, 10 % off purchases of park merchandise, can attend Sunlight Pool for an additional cost of $5.00 per person… Non-refundable…
  • Motion made to accept the date proposal of August 10, 2019 for Local 600 Annual picnic made by Delegate –McLaughlin. Second by Delegate King. Motion passed.
  • Motion made to accept the proposal for the Local 600 Annual Picnic to be held at Coney Island, made by Delegate Waller. Second by Delegate Long. Motion passed.
  • Motion made to accept all proposals and recommendations submitted by the “Picnic Committee” made by President Kowolonek. Second by Delegate King. Motion passed. Will use the flyer made by Treasurer Boykin, sending to Minute-Man press for (printing & folding), to distribute to membership via envelopes in company mail.
New business
  • Grievance #429, 3rd step denied.
  • Grievance #430 – Meter Reading (Vice-President Hoffman & Delegate Loerich)
  • Call Center – Quartely Meeting held – discussed changing hours in the “enterprise” for calls center to 7 am – 7 pm. This would affect the Midwest Call Center East for those also in Service Installation hours.
Report of officers, delegates and committees

Delegate Waller made a motion to adjourn. Second by Delegate Loerich. Meeting adjourned.