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November 2019

November 21, 2019

EXECUTIVES Steve Kowolonek – President
Mike Hoffman – Vice President
Camille Waller – Treasurer
DL Wallace – Secretary

DELEGATES Brendan Lyshe – Area A
Holly McLaughlin – Area A
Aaron Wright – Area A
David Loerich – Area B
Victoria King – Area B
Jason King – Area B

The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600, (Charlie Newhouse.)

Swearing in All for New Term and Welcome of new General Board Members, Brendan Lyshe -Area A and Jason King – Area B.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Waller. All board members present.

A motion was made by Vice-President Hoffman to dispense with the reading of last month’s minutes. Second by Delegate McLaughlin. Motion passed.

The financial Report was given by Delegate Waller. A motion was made by Delegate Loerich to accept the Financial Report. Second by Delegate Wright. Motion passed. Copy of the Financial Report is on file at Local 600 office.

Communications – President Kowolonek
• Will follow end of agenda.
Unfinished Business – President Kowolonek
• Contract Books – Unfair Labor Practice field – 3rd stage grievance by President Kowolonek
• Rep/Delegate Dinner – November 21, 2019 at the Charthouse, Newport Kentucky
• Audit Committee – Audit performed on October 30, 2019 at the union hall. Committee members Perry Hill, Stephanie Bailer & Susan Meyer. Inventory was completed successfully. Report on file at the Union Hall.
• Christmas Families – Kristy Knobloch will make purchases for a family in Kentucky and Carmelita Perez will make purchases for family in Ohio. Vote was taken during the October 2019 Local 600 Board meeting; the volunteers will provide the follow-up once families selected and donations completed.
• UWUA Seniority Dates – Update has been provided by Labor Relations, via spread-sheets.
• Call Center Class – President Kowolonek, Vice-President Hoffman and Delegate V. King meet with new class on 11-20-19. 8 new classes to be developed.
• Grievance #433 – has been dropped per meeting held 11-18-19 with Labor Relations. Additional discussions will be held with Labor Relations and Local 600 regarding the CBS process and possible alternatives regarding process. On-going conversations.
• American Income Life- President Kowolonek spoke with Amanda Cross regarding mailings that will be sent to the membership. All memberships should be made aware that the $3,000 policy regarding Accidental Death is automatic for all in membership. Local 600 members do not need to return the card unless they would like additional insurance information. It should be noted if card is returned member will receive a follow-up call from the insurance provider who will request a home visit. If the member is not interested they are to state that. Members should notify the Union Hall if the calls become “aggressive” for home visits.
• UWUA National – Calendars for the Women’s Caucus – per Resolutions made at the National UWUA Congressional Conference – A motion was made by President Kowolonek to purchase a total of 30 Calendars. Second by Delegate V. King. Motion passed. UWUA Local 600 – Secretary Wallace was selected to be featured in the calendar.
• Reorganization Distribution – Delegate Wright – Discussion regarding contracting out work and possible loss of union positions.
• Union Cards – President Kowolonek has order more cards for new members.
• Website – President Kowolonek contacted the UWUA National to update & redesign the Local 600 websites, there will be an initial fee for the local of $750.00 and a monthly fee of $25.00.
• Annual Dues Increase – President Kowolonek received notification from the National UWUA of dues being increased to $2.35 effective January 2020. A posting of this increase will be sent to the membership for posting on all union boards.
• Vice-President Hoffman – Discussed cell phone usage for union business and prior history of Local 600 Vice-President receiving a stipend to cover charges. A motion was made by Treasurer Waller to provide stipend to cover the cell phone expense for the Vice-President. Second by Secretary Wallace. Motion Failed. Discussion. A motion was made by Secretary Wallace to provide a $75.00 monthly stipend to cover the cost of the Vice-President cell phone usage. Second Delegate Lyshe. Motion passed.
• Delegate McLaughlin – Discussion – regarding new gas technician hiring for December 2, 2019.
• Dave Loerich – issues with meter reading and pay. Some meter readers were over-paid for hourly rates and will have to reimburse company, details are being processed to those affected.

Secretary Wallace made a motion to adjourn. Second by Treasurer Waller. Meeting adjourned