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September 2019

September 26, 2019

EXECUTIVES Steve Kowolonek – President
Mike Hoffman – Vice President
Jueisha Boykin – Treasurer
DL Wallace – Secretary

DELEGATES Illyana Long – Area A
Holly McLaughlin – Area A
Aaron Wright – Area A
David Loerich – Area B
Victoria King – Area B
Camille Waller – Area B

The Meeting was called to order by President Kowolonek.

The Pledge of Allegiance occurred.

A moment of Silence was observed for deceased members of UWUA Local 600 and member from Local 369, Region III in Spencer, Maryland.

Roll call was taken by Treasurer Boykin. Delegate Long absent. All other board members present.

A motion was made by Delegate Waller to dispense with the reading of last month’s minutes. Second by Delegate King. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Secretary Wallace to dispense with the reading of last’s month Financial Report. Second by Delegate Waller. Motion passed. Copy of the Financial Report is on file at Local 600 office.

Communications – President Kowolonek
• No items
Unfinished Business – President Kowolonek
• Annual Picnic – discussion on final budget. A motion was made by Delegate Loerich to approve final budget of $17, 500 to cover all expenses related to Local 600 Annual Picnic. Second by Delegate McLaughlin. Motion passed.
• Union Cards – ordered for newest UWUA Local 600 members. Cards will be distributed by Delegates in the work area.
• Arbitration #424 – member has returned to work.
• Grievance # 431 – member to present to UWUA Local 600 General Board for review for arbitrations and vote on 26 September 2019.
• Elections Committee – UWUA Local 600 – 2019 Election Committee will convene on Monday, September 30, 2019 to tally votes at Local 600 Union Hall. Local 600 received only one (1) notification from member not receiving a ballot.
• Contracts 2019 – President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman are finalizing contracts with both Vestra and Duke-Energy. All contracts have been reviewed. Copies of contracts are on both company’s websites.
• Grievance #433 – information request sent to company.
• President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman meet with new Call Center Class and two (2) new RSR’s and Gas OC.
• New position created for Natural Gas GIS – President Kowolonek, Vice-President Hoffman and Delegate McLaughlin meet with department manager to discuss.
• Vistra – offered three (3) Severance packages to clerks. President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman meet with Vestra management to discuss the offer of three (3) voluntary packages to six (6) clerks with a four (4) week window for decision.
• Storm team informational meeting attended by President Kowolonek and Vice-President Hoffman to discuss Storm Team related questions, held Thursday September 20, 2019.
• American Income Life – mailings will go out to UWUA Local 600 membership. Inform membership if they send the card in, they will receive a follow-up call from American Income Life representative. The card need not be returned to receive the “basic” accidental coverage offered to membership.
• Training Day – for UWUA Local 600, Board members and Representatives with Local 175 will be held on October 28, 2019. This training will be for all new Board members and Representatives (based on results of September 30, 2019 election results.)
• Delegate Wright – Sr T&D technician – meeting with management regarding Peer Review process. Meeting with CPC’s Follow- up regarding storm team with President Kowolonek and four (4) action items.
• Delegate McLaughlin – Local 600 Annual Delegate/Representative Dinner will be held at the Chart House, Thursday November 21, 2019. Local 600 Board meeting will be held at the Union Hall prior to dinner.
• Secretary Wallace – request update on Company policy regarding members and medications that require supervisor notification. President Kowolonek will follow-up with Company for clarification.
• President Kowolonek provided information regarding a “free” college benefit from Union Plus. Call 1-888-590-9009 or visit site: for more information.

Grievance #431 presented for a vote for Arbitration. UWUA Local 600 General Board voted not to Arbitrate Grievance #431.

Treasurer Boykin made a motion to adjourn. Second by Delegate Waller. Meeting adjourned.