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Information Sheet

UWUA LOCAL 600 WOMEN’S CAUCUS – Important Information


The UWUA Local 600 Women’s Caucus would like to present you an information list that may be important for you to have for different life events.  Please take the time to look it over so that you may be better prepared when these moments do occur.  The information given is to be used as a guide.  It is not intended to cover all possible situations or to provide all of the correct resources.  Also, some of the information could change over time.


NAME: ______________________________________                             EMPLOYEE #: ___________

Supervisor/CONTACT #: ________________________                            

HR REP/CONTACT #: ___________________________              Work Location__________             



☐ Birth Certificate (Own/Spouse/Child/Parent)           ☐ Marriage License                           ☐ Social Security Card

☐ Driver’s License Copy                                                    ☐ Will                                                    ☐ Living Will

☐ Power of Attorney                                                         ☐  Death Certificates                         ☐ Immunization Records

☐ Insurance/policy #’s/type/carrier                               ☐ Copies of child custody order      ☐ Copy of divorce decree

☐ Copies of any orders of protection                             ☐ List of current medications/dosage amounts/blood type

☐ Passports          ☐ Identify beneficiaries for all plans

☐ Financial account info

☐ Titles/Deeds of ownership


DUKE ENERGY EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP): (Access code: duke)     800.985.2594



Contact myHR Service Center:                     888.465.1300 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

Contact Fidelity for Health Savings Account:                     800.376.4015

Contact Fidelity for Retirement Savings Plan:                              800.376.4015

Social Security                                                                                    800.772.1213

Optum                                                                                   866.227.9735

Choose a financial planner


For issues with sickness/disability – refer to myHR                         888.465.1300(Mon-Fri)

Medical coverage is administered by United Healthcare                                            877.214.2930

Vision coverage is offered through Vision Service Plan (VSP)                                     800.877.7195

Prescription drug coverages is managed by CVS Caremark                                        888.797.8912

Dental                                                                                                                                    800.965.9271

Nurse access 24/7 Nurse line                                                                                            877.214.2930                                                                                                             800.633.4227

review Medicaid thru local state agency







Death of Employee:

I have a will _____   I have a trust_______

My attorney is___________________________ City ______________   Phone _____________

Executory/Executrix ______________ Relationship _________________Phone_____________

Papers are on File:  Where _______________________________________________________

If accidental death – all UWUA members have accidental death policy – American Income Life

-Contact UWUA Local 600


Contact myHR Service Center:                     888.465.1300 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

Contact Fidelity for Health Savings Account:                     800.376.4015

If you have Optum                                                             866.227.9735

Contact Fidelity for Retirement Savings Plan:                              800.376.4015


Important numbers to have:

Suicide Awareness/Prevention                800.273.8255

Poison Control                                                                               800.222.1222

Veteran’s Administration                                                                    800.698.2411

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)                             513.351.3500

Social Security                                                                                    800.772.1213

Food Pantry

Governmental Officials                             

State of Ohio                                              

State of Kentucky                                      

State of Indiana                                          

Local Hospital

Family Doctor

Local Police Department/Fire Department

Your water co

Your utility co