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Remote Work Agreement

June 23, 2021

Mr. Steve Kowolonek
Utility Workers Union of America
Local 600
810 Brighton Street
Newport, Kentucky 41071

RE: Remote Work

Dear Mr. Kowolonek:

Recently the parties have engaged in discussions regarding remote work and the applicability for employees represented by the Utility Workers Union of America, Local 600. As discussed, each employee excluding those assigned to the Customer Care Center will be assigned to one of four Mobility Classifications described below.

A. Field Employees – These roles involve highly mobile day-to-day work. Employees in field roles may be based out of a facility (e.g., operations center), but do not require an assigned workspace and infrequently use shared seating or collaboration space at a Company facility.

B. On-Site Employees – In these roles, the vast majority of work must be performed at a Company facility. Employees in these roles normally require an assigned workspace, routinely use collaboration space, require access to Company assets and tools that are only available on-site, and/or require a high degree of in-person, face-to-face team interaction and collaboration.

C. Hybrid Employees – Roles involving work that can be effectively performed by working either remotely or at an on-site location, normally 2-3 days per workweek being spent on-site. Employees in hybrid roles require and benefit from regular in-person, face-to-face team interaction or collaboration, but do not require an assigned workspace. Instead, they utilize unassigned or shared workspaces and the Company’s standard desktop applications.

D. Virtual Employees – Employees in these roles can perform almost all work from a remote location due to the nature of the job, do not require an assigned workspace and only occasionally need shared seating or collaboration space in a Company facility. Virtual employees should live within a reasonable commute to the Duke Energy facility where their team (i.e., manager and/or teammates) is located and/or to which they are assigned as they may be required to report to a Company facility.

Employee Mobility Classifications will be made by the Company in its sole discretion and may be changed by the Company at any time. Assignments will be based on business needs as determined by individual work groups. For example, Gas Work Management Support may determine that the business needs are better met by having employees classified On-Site while Customer Delivery Work Management Support may determine their needs can be met with Hybrid employees. Hybrid or Virtual employees experiencing performance or technology issues may be reclassified as On-Site employees. The Union may request a review of such a decision. The classification or reclassification of any employee shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.

Employees in a Hybrid/Virtual Employee Mobility Classifications are expected to report to a Duke Energy facility as required and directed by their manager/supervisor. This may change based on business need. To the extent possible, the Company will attempt to give a 24 hour notice for a change in reporting location. Employees should also report to their assigned Duke Energy facility in the event of technical difficulties, training, in-person meetings, or based upon business needs as determined by the Company.

Employees must immediately report all internet or power outages via phone to their supervisor. If the outage is expected to last longer than 30 minutes or the duration is not known, the employee should make arrangements to report to a Duke Energy facility designated by their supervisor. Commuting time is not compensable. Connectivity issues not related to an outage lasting more than 15 minutes must also be reported to the employee’s supervisor. For those connectivity or system issues requiring the assistance of the Enterprise Help Desk that cannot be resolved within 60 minutes, the employee should report to a Duke Energy facility as outlined above. As an alternative to reporting to a Duke Energy facility, the employee may utilize make up time in lieu of reporting to the office at supervisor discretion. Other options include, at supervisor discretion, vacation time or excused unpaid absence provided critical business needs are met.

Hybrid employees who qualify for the Commuter Benefits Program remain eligible for the Company provided subsidy for parking or public transit costs incurred when required to report to their assigned, metropolitan area Duke Energy facility on the same basis as the non-represented workforce. Hybrid employees will not be eligible for mileage reimbursement for commuting to their assigned Duke Energy work location. Virtual employees are not eligible to participate in the Commuter Benefits Program as their assigned work location is not in an approved metropolitan Duke Energy facility. Virtual employees may submit for reimbursement of reasonable and necessary parking expenses incurred when required to report to a Duke Energy facility through the expense management system.

Employees assigned a Hybrid or Virtual Employee Mobility Classification are expected to provide the following in their remote (i.e. home) workspace:

A. High-speed internet service.

B. Ergonomic office furniture and lighting.

C. A safe, quiet workspace that accommodates confidential conversations as appropriate.

As stated above, the initial classification or reclassification of any employee or workgroup shall not be subject to the grievance procedure. In addition, the Company reserves the right to discontinue remote work for UWUA represented employees in its sole discretion. Such decision shall not be subject to the grievance procedure. Should the Company contemplate discontinuing remote work in its entirety, a notice of not less than 30 days will be provided to the Union.

I believe this letter accurately describes our conversations regarding this issue. If you are in agreement, please sign and return this letter to me.


Michael A. Ciccarella
Senior HR Consultant
Labor Relations

For the Union:

Steve Kowolonek
President, UWUA Local 600